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Peggy grew up above her parent’s bakery in Burgundy, France. From a very early age she wanted to be a photographer. As a small child, she would sit on the bakery’s counter tops watching the diverse clientele come and go, all the while imagining taking a photograph of each and every one of them. One of six kids, when she was a teenager, she started taking photos of her immediate family. It is those initial photos that had her accepted at a young age to one of France’s most prestigious photography programs at the Ecole de Condé in Lyon.

After her time in Lyon she held several commercial photography positions in France including a job that traversed France, taking photographs for a travel website. Her interest in travel was piqued and when an opportunity came to work and travel in the United States came along, she jumped at the chance. Originally in the United States on a one-year Visa, she met and married her husband, and has now been in the Philadelphia for over ten years.

Peggy’s goal when working is to create strong images that linger in people’s memories. She wants to take photographs that capture people’s attention right away because of the approach, originality and quality. She brings her own unique intuitive eye as well as her European sensibilities to each photo. She believes a good image is one that can make you think about it in more than one facet. It is her goal to bring each one of these qualities to every client she works with.


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